14 Day Lighten Up Program

$99 $130

Summer is here and it's time to kickstart that metabolism and lighten up!

This two week anti-oxidant rich meal plan was designed to assist in weight management and support a healthy immune system. The program focuses on incorporating nutrient rich foods and eliminating metabolism crashing foods. Gluten, dairy, added sugars and processed foods are off the menu and antioxidant rich plant based foods are in! Lighten it up and feel more energized with this 14 day reset. 

This program is available two dietary preferences - vegan and standard.

What you'll find in this program:

  • A two week meal plan packed with nutritious, quick and budget friendly meals.
  • All recipes are gluten and dairy free.
  • Nutritional info for each day and recipe.
  • Each recipe includes recipe notes, meal prepping tips and more.
  • Over 30 nutritious recipes.
  • Printable grocery lists for each week of your nutrition optimization.
  • Program manual to guide you through your 14-day transformation!
  • Detox guide.
  • Extra healing strategies!

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